My Spring Book Recommendations

Kitty Aldridge author book recommendations spring 2019 before release of The Wisdom of Bones

The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner (Cape 2018) ~

Humour, hardship and tragedy. Fearlessly and exquisitely written by this phenomenal American talent.


Wild Women and Their Amazing Adventures Over Land, Sea and Air, Edited by Mariella Frostrup (Head of Zeus 2019) ~

A fascinating compendium of accounts from female explorers from C18th to C21st, voyaging from Constantinople to Crimea, Antarctica to the Andes.


Turbulence by David Szalay (Cape 2018) ~

Excellent collection of short stories, in which characters briefly connect as they circumnavigate the world in twelve plane journeys.


Vertigo & Ghost by Fiona Benson (Cape 2019) ~

A powerful and deeply moving second poetry collection by Fiona Benson, where classical myth meets C21st motherhood.

Where To Find Me by Alba Arikha (Alma Books 2018) ~

Taking the reader between different worlds from occupied Paris and British Mandate Palestine to contemporary London, where chance encounters, tangled lies and painful discoveries await. Tender and affecting.


Unspeakable: The Things We Cannot Say by Harriet Shawcross (Canongate 2019) ~

Memoir, history and investigative journalism. A deeply moving and fascinating examination of the power of silence.


The Familiars by Stacey Halls (Zaffre 2019) ~

Lancashire 1612. Women and witchcraft and the fight against brutality and injustice. Compelling and beautifully written.


Notes To Self by Emilie Pine (Hamish Hamilton 2019) ~

Tenderly written non-fiction account about love, grief, sexuality, fertility and violence. Slim, in spite of its huge themes.


Never Anyone But You by Rupert Thomson (Corsair 2018) ~

The true story of two remarkable women, spanning their love affair and artistic collaboration among the the Paris Surrealists of the early 1930’s to Nazi-occupied Jersey of the ’40’s, where they perform daring acts of resistance, resulting in their imprisonment and death sentences.


Mothers by Chris Power (Faber 2018) ~

A brilliant short story collection that takes in Sweden, Mexico, England, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, Paris, America.